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Preparing the workplace for the post COVID return to work is a strategic priority. Monitor your workplace 24×7 using IoT sensors, enforce best practice guidelines, receive expert help from our Return to Work specialists and report on post COVID performance. Protect and re-assure your employees and get back to work safely.


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  • Monitor your workplace
  • Enforce guidelines
  • Report on performance
  • Quick to implement
  • Low monthly cost

workplace Monitoring

Real time visibility of the workplace 24×7.  Track occupancy and utilisation, monitor distancing, temperature, humidity and air quality. Log and execute work tickets and EHS tasks. 



Get advice from Return to Work specialists. Adopt best practice guidelines and adhere to international standards. Adapt to your needs, manage contractors to ensure compliance.

REPORT ON performance

Report Return to Work program effectiveness. Graphical dashboards to make better decisions faster. Promote healthy workplaces, wellbeing and enhanced productivity.

Get the return to work IoT pack

Keystone’s solution enables you to install un-intrusive but powerful IoT sensors into your workplace, analyse the data in real time, provide graphical reports and dashboards to highlight critical information and produce actionable tasks or work tickets.

All for one low monthly fee.  

Expert help when you need it

Get expert advice from one of our Return to Work specialists. Adopt best practice guidelines and adhere to Government advice. Adapt processes for your specific organisation and needs. Communicate with your team, manage your contractors and suppliers and track compliance. 


Real time actionable insights

Provide executive level dashboards and actionable insights to evidence compliance and Return to Work program effectiveness.

Keep track of contractor and supplier performance. Maintain an audit trail to demonstrate compliance to standards and guidance.

we are workplace experts.

Our team have been managing facilities for many of the world’s leading brands for 30 years. We are pioneers in our sector and set the standards for the industry worldwide.

We deploy advanced IoT sensors to capture workplace, environmental and employee data in real time. Using advanced data science and our industry insights, our technology enables responsible employers to create safe and productive workplaces where employees enjoy performing better. 

Trusted to Deliver Results

Keystone partners with world class IoT hardware vendors, complimentary technology suppliers, advanced academic labs, international standards organisations, market leading facility managers and service providers to deliver game changing digital transformation to small, medium and enterprise clients. 

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“A professional and innovative service which enables us to better support our client”
Edd Whiting, Account Director, Restore Digital

“Keystone enables the convergence of isolated systems and processes into an integrated workplace management and operations framework”
Jim Yorston, MD, Key Facilities Management International

Your Return to Work Pack:

IoT Sensor capabilities

  • 24×7 real-time view of workplace utilisation / people / density

  • Manage workstations, working spaces, meeting rooms and zones

  • Identify patterns and trends

  • Re-configure space based on real usage data

  • Monitor indoor air quality and changes due to occupancy and use
  • Improve workplace safety and enforce guidelines
  • Identify live risks, social distancing  and compliance breaches
  • Link to work ticket software to track incidents and tasks eg cleaning tasks linked to space utilisation
  • Highest data accuracy available today
  • No impact on your IT / wifi network
  • LoRaWAN data transmission protocol
  • Indoor Environment monitoring, tracking temperature, noise and ambient light levels. 


return to work Expert Advice & guidelines

  • Expert help and advice from our Return to Work specialists
  • Get the Guidelines based on BSI and Gov advice
  • Practical advice based on Plan – Check – Do Approach
  • Planning different organisational sizes and types
  • Resourcing and essential activities
  • The importance of communication
  • Hygiene in the workplace
  • Use of personal protective equipment
  • Operational advice including movement
  • Performance evaluation, incident management and review
  • Continuous improvement
  • Additional sources of information

actionable Insights

  • Graphical dashboards showing performance in real time
  • Centralised register of all assets and suppliers 
  • Store and share essential documentation 
  • Manage planned and reactive tasks
  • Smart maintenance and cleaning regimes
  • Report on assets, asset value, maintenance, compliance
  • Site wide utilisation monitoring and reports, align with local, national and corporate RTW approachs/guidlines
  • Presence watchdog – know when a space has been vacant for a safe time period
  • Social Distancing awareness and alerts to support the workforce
  • Individual workstation EHS autonomus monitoring and hotdesking support

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