One View of our Planet.

At Keystone, our vision is to create a more ethical, sustainable and responsible planet by enabling organisations to gain 24×7 visibility and control of their whole life performance. Our cognitive data insights platform connects people, places and our planet with intelligence. We call it OneView. 

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 Whole Life Performance

We capture Whole Life performance data from your buildings and wider environment in order to fully assess the impact on the planet.

Proactive Connectivity 

We connect people, places and the planet with intelligence to identify opportunities to maximise benefits for all in your extended community. 

Expert Help

Our international expert network leverages our OneView data Insights to accelerate progress towards your strategic sustainability goals. 

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About Keystone

Keystone’s team has significant experience of delivering facility management, procurement and financial technology to small, medium, large and global enterprises. We pride ourselves on our professional, pragmatic approach to deploying and supporting marketing leading technology and related services. We keep things simple and straight-forward to save time and money.

Discovery & Planning

Our expert team work with the client to fully understand the current situation, resource constraints and priorities. Whether the client just needs a simple tool for managing reactive maintenance through to compliant systems for enterprise clients, we can understand your needs. From there, we build out a plan to deliver your needs.


Keystone to provides an assisted implementation (we support you) or to fully manage (we drive the project to your success criteria). As such we onboard your data, configure the platform, help users to adopt the platform, build optimal maintenance regimes, integrate into client systems and workflow and ensure on time delivery of your delivery milestones. We do as much or as little as you need.

Training & Education

Depending on your requirements, Keystone provides an ongoing program of training and education. This can include super-user training on advanced Job Logic capabilities, 24×7 access to Keystone’s knowledge base and self-pace learning materials as well as ongoing program of education and continuous improvement.

Optimisation & Client Success

As experts in FM, our team work with you to continually improve your performance. We help you to become more efficient and achieve your goals by proactively optimising processes, monitoring contractor KPIs and migrating from reactive to planned tasks.

OneView Whole Life Program

For clients looking to deliver a greater impact on their business and a wider contribution to their sustainability agenda, Keystone provides OneView. OneView is a unique Whole Life Program, enabling organisations to transform into world class operations covering asset and maintenance performance, reduced energy and lower carbon emissions, improved employee wellbeing and productivity.

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