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Keystone is transforming the way people and places connect. We are building a business to make a significant global impact, and our founding team are drawn from successful backgrounds in sales, marketing, facility management, technology and operations. 

The Keystone technology platform was originally developed by Key Facilities Management to serve their client base of global pharmaceuticals, world leading energy and international manufacturing groups. 

The development of Keystone has accelerated in response to the demand for easy to use, cloud based technology for dispersed workers and flexible work spaces, the growth in workplace monitoring and the drive to lower energy and office space costs. Increasingly, Keystone is being deployed to enhance employee wellbeing and improve productivity. 


Our people 

Camiel Eggermont, CTO

Camiel is an enterprise software & cloud architect, specialised in highly scalable SaaS products serving millions of people including e-learning systems for global hospitality clients.

Jim Piggot, COO

Highly experienced at leading technology product and operations from start-up through to global multi-national. Jim leads Keystone’s drive to operational excellence.

Gordon Mitchell, CIO

Focused on blending technology and operations to optimise business process. Gordon is passionate about using technology to improve workplace environments. 

"That the future of FM is inextricably linked with Technology is beyond doubt."


– Stan Mitchell, Chair of ISO TC 267 for Facility Management

"Keystone enables the convergence of isolated systems and processes into an integrated workplace management and operations framework."


– Jim Yorston, Key Facilities Management International.

" A professional and innovative service which enabled us to better support our own client."


– Edd Whiting, Contracts & Commercial Manager, Restore Scan Ltd.

“Keystone is redefining FM software from the ground up, incorporating a body of FM expertise, surfacing it to support users in their roles and optimise their working environment, and by leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.”


– Marc van Neerven, Neerventure, CTO as a service, Microsoft partner