Keystone connects people & workplaces with intelligence


Keystone is an Enterprise Cloud Platform that combines real time visibility & centralised workplace control with data-driven intelligence. As a result, world-class businesses optimise savings, efficiencies, compliance & inspire employees to perform better. 

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Our easy to use, cloud-based platform provides real-time visibility of workplace performance. Business leaders and facilities managers can now centrally monitor global estate or a specific building, asset or workstation to ensure compliance to international standards and identify areas for improvement.


In today’s competitive economy, creating the right workplace environment is critical to attract, retain and motivate high calibre employees. By deploying Keystone, companies can provide safe, comfortable, productive and inspiring workplaces where employees enjoy performing better.


The Keystone platform continually optimises your workplace performance by combining world class expertise and advanced artificial intelligence. Our data-driven analytical approach delivers unique insights and continuous value to business leaders, facilities managers, service providers, suppliers and industry analysts.


With significant international experience of providing facilities management, consulting,  operations and technology to global companies, Keystone is uniquely positioned to transform your workplaces and inspire your employees to work better.

Our team and international partner network comprises industry pioneers, thought leaders and experts in the built environment across more than 20 countries including Central and South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East as well as Southern Asia and Australasia.

Leveraging Keystone’s unique FM management system and technologies, we work together to provide superior operational control, visibility and quality to international clients.  We have unrivalled expertise in mobilising and delivering across challenging markets.

Our Clients & Partners

"That the future of FM is inextricably linked with Technology is beyond doubt."

– Stan Mitchell, Chair of ISO TC 267 for Facility Management

"Keystone enables the convergence of isolated systems and processes into an integrated workplace management and operations framework."


– Jim Yorston, COO, Key Facilities Management International.

" A professional and innovative service which enabled us to better support our own client."


– Edd Whiting, Contracts & Commercial Manager, Restore Scan Ltd.

“Keystone is redefining FM software from the ground up, incorporating a body of FM expertise, surfacing it to support users in their roles and optimise their working environment, and by leveraging the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.”


– Marc van Neerven, Neerventure, CTO as a service, Microsoft partner

Special Events

September 2020

Preparing for ISO41001

Join Stan Mitchell, Key FM CEO, on this course to ensure your organisation is ISO 41001 ready.

March 2020

NFMT 2020

Keystone will be represented at the NFMT in Baltimore.  Join Stan Mitchell on Tuesday, March 17 from 9:00 a.m. until Noon in Room 331 at the Baltimore Convention Center for a detailed overview of the 24 critical global facility management competencies.