Global Partner Network

Keystone partners with facilities managers, service providers, academia, technology providers, specialist consultants and equipment manufacturers to extend the range and scope of our offering and generate greater value for our clients.

Our partner engagements provide additional revenue and retention opportunities for Keystone and our partners.

 Partner Types

Facilities Managers

FMs can deploy Keystone’s technology platform to their clients in order to differentiate their offering, add value and retain clients. By joining the Global Network, FMs share best practice, up-skill resources and collaborate better.

Service Providers

With Keystone, Service Providers can streamline operations, monitor performance and improve margins. What are you waiting for? Access new opportunities, find new clients and extend your service offering now!

Technology Providers

Partnering with Keystone gives technology providers access to new revenue opportunities and improves outcomes for clients. Our tech partners include Enterprise Software vendors and IoT equipment manufacturers. 

Specialist Consultants

Experts in a specific category of FM or from a single country can still benefit from Keystone’s Global Network. Participating in the Global Network enables consultants to find complementary experts, learn and share knowledge and become accredited to deliver more.

Professional Bodies

Keystone actively engages with professional bodies and standards organisations around the world such as ISO, BSI, IWFM and ProFM. By contributing to the overall improvement and professionalism of the sector, Keystone is raising the standards in FM.

Academic Partners

With the future of the workplace changing so rapidly, Keystone is partnering with academia from the UK and overseas to explore solutions for Workplace 2025 and beyond. Our industry experience, practical application and vision makes us an ideal partner for academic bodies like yours.