Key FM launch web-based application to help companies protect their organisation from the threat of COVID19 and improve employee health and safety. 

To respond to the current COVID19 crisis, Key Facilities Management, one of the pioneers of the FM industry, are making their cloud-based software available to Facility Managers and Estate Managers with no upfront fees and reduced monthly subscriptions.  

The software, called Keystone, provides a single real-time view of all information relating to buildings, assets and maintenance. As a result, managers, service providers and contractors have access to the essential information such as insurance information, asset registers, service levels, warranties and contractor agreements. 

Managers can enforce maintenance schedules for critical assets and other essential tasks such as cleaning contracts. As a result companies, can protect their organisation and their employees from the threat of COVID19 and other potential risks to health and safety.  

In addition, Keystone has the ability to provide real-time monitoring of the workplace including energy, occupancy, utilisation, temperature, comfort and air quality. For companies requiring additional support during this period, Key provides a world-class FM consulting, training and outsourced operations.  

During the current COVID19 crisis, Key FM will be helping companies to implement the Keystone software by removing upfront implementation and training fees and providing discounts for multi-year agreements.

The offer is open to organisations who are either public sector (local authorities or universities), or UK headquartered private sector employers in a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, financial services, insurance or consulting. Companies must have in house Facility Management resources.

The software can be accessed via any recent browser, enabling remote monitoring of single or multiple workplaces. Keystone is low cost, easy to use enterprise FM platform and can be deployed quickly resulting in a fast payback and significant ROI.  

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