ISO TC/267 is formed of representatives from 48 countries who have been actively progressing international FM standards since 2012. They have produced multiple guidelines under the IS0 41001 series focused on being at the forefront of a more productive and sustainable workplace for all. 

Back in November, in St Petersburg, Russia, the representatives from these 48 countries agreed that the Technology AG should move forward in its journey to producing new ISO Standards. Working Group 6 was formed and our own Gordon Mitchell was proposed as the Convenor for the group. The standard period of consideration (during which any of the 48 members has the right to object to this appointment) is now complete, and we are proud to announce that Gordon has officially been nameConvenor of the group. 

Gordon’s unique vision and passion for harnessing new technologies to improve workplace experience means that he is well placed to ensure the success of the outputs of WG6. 

Under his guidance the impact of ISO TC 267/WG 6 on the workplaces of tomorrow will be tangible and sustainable. To keep up to date with developments, follow us on Linked In. Or to get involved with ISO TC/267 find out more here

There will be a call for experts to join the WG shortly. Watch this space to be the first to hear more.