People centred spaces

Rethink how space is used. Putting people at the centre of space planning requires a deep understanding of how people enter, move and exit spaces. Keystone provides the data to help make more informed decisions. 

Occupancy Monitoring

With real-time occupancy monitoring of the workplace, businesses have a significant opportunity to optimise utilisation of available space and potentially avoid costly office re-designs or re-locations. Using space wisely provides powerful data to make informed business decisions.


Comfort Monitoring

Employees perform better when temperature and humidity are monitored and within acceptable parameters. Both measures will change continually based on occupancy levels, access to natural sun-light and other factors. Keep your employees comfortable with 24×7 monitoring. 

Environment Monitoring

The air quality of the workplace not only affects employee wellbeing and productivity, it presents a health risk if allowed to fall below international standards. With Keystone’s environmental monitoring, business leaders not only protect their employees, they reduce risk of non compliance. 

Movement Monitoring

Being able to monitor the movement of your employees around the workplace presents numerous opportunities for improved office layout, reduced time wasting through better way-finding and improved visitor management. Employers can also assist employees to optimise activity and promote wellbeing.

Real Time Dashboards

Improve performance of your team with real-time performance dashboards. Keystone enables users to access and view relevant and timely performance data using easy-to-understand graphical dashboards. Dashboards can show optimal performance as well as highlight areas for improvement.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Keystone provides powerful, flexible reporting capabilities giving business leaders and facilities managers the information they need to intelligently optimise the portfolio of properties.

Performance Benchmarking

Compare performance of your entire global estate to identify potential savings and efficiencies. Keystone continually monitors billions of data points globally and provides accurate benchmarking across a range of measures.


Expert Analysis & Advice

Our network of accredited partners gives you access to the highest quality suppliers, facilities services, facilities managers and consultants around the world. We monitor our Expert Network partner’s accreditations, insurances, financial health and ongoing performance ratings so you don’t have to.